Sidebrain - Conversational Thought Capture!

As the world is ramping up on technology, the balance of power is shifting to algorithms. This is evident in the way social media platforms utilize these algorithms and weaponize our attention against us. The state-of-the-art algorithms are powered by mathematical components called neurons, that are arranged in novel architectures that at a macro-level look like a net, specifically a deep neural net. These neural nets are trained on vast amounts of data, and finetuned on your actions to become very good at keeping your attention.

However there is something emergently beautiful about a social network. It reduces the cognitive load of searching for content, because we rely on these algorithms to serve us content. It is a much better alternative than trawling the internet to discover new content. At the heart of what social media engines do very well is recommendation. These algorithms depend on crodwsourcing the content to recommend to a user. Recommendation systems are the percursor to algorithmic bubbles.

However, recent advances in Artificial Intelligence has the potential to enable a paradigm shift in social networks. This is Sidebrain, and it is your own personal social network. What is masquerading as your personal social network is the same state-of-the-art algorithms used by the most advanced companies, except you control the algorithm. At its core, Sidebrain is a thought capture tool. A thought is a single unit of human cognition or feeling. A thought occurs in the moment, when you see a picture or a scene, when you are speaking to another person, when you are reading a book, or watching a video and want to capture your learnings, and in infinitely more use cases.

The biggest impediment to capturing we have understood to be organization. The act of putting it in a folder, or a sub-folder, associating tags with it, and so on is cognitively demanding. With the recent advances we can use large AI models to automatically organize our content for us. In Sidebrain, thought capture happens as a message to yourself and thought retreival as a question posed to yourself. The AI that has been trained on the data you added, can not only retreive content but also synthesize answers by merging information from text, images and videos embedded in the content you add.

The content that you add into your Sidebrain becomes the kindling for a social media of you for you by you. Content is not restricted to what you have added, merged with AI, Sidebrain becomes your personal portable recommendation system on the internet. Change the caloric value of the content you consume by dissecting you algorithm and removing harmful influences. Your recommendation system can generate algorithmic bubbles that you can share.

This is a future informed by biology. We are not a central hive, we are decentralized intelligence. In a similar way, artificial intelligence needs to be decentralized and shaped by each one of us. It is in diversity, that creativity emerges, and the ultimate purpose of humanity is to exercise their creativiy. Sidebrain, hopes to unlock human creativity at scale.